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I have been a hairdresser for over 30 years, and I love my profession!
In addition to cutting women’s, men’s, and children’s hair, I also specialize in
color correction.
It’s Your Hair, Your Life:
I use my excellent listening skills to help my clients find the look that is best for them. Whether we are deciding on either color or length, I believe that YOUR OPINION and YOUR LIFESTYLE are the most important items to consider when determining the final product.
Fashion and Trends:
Trends are fun, and, if you wish, they can certainly influence the style outcome. I always keep my skills up-to-date while simultaneously keeping a finger on the pulse of style and fashion, so that, when someone who adores fashion sits in my chair, I have just what he or she needs. However, not everyone is a “slave to fashion,” so if you prefer something more timeless and classic, I certainly won’t try to talk you into something just because its “all the rage!” Again, it’s your hair, your life.
You’re not Just a Customer, You’re a Relationship:
Sometimes, a certain look takes time, and I will work with you over that time period to help you develop your perfect look. In fact, if you see a picture of a hairstyle that you would like “grow into,” bring me a copy. I’ll keep it in my file so that, each time and every time you come to see me, I have a crystal clear vision of where you are and where you want to go.
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